Advantages and disadvantages of the guest of marriage

Advantages and disadvantages of the guest of marriage
 Guest marriage is legalized union of two people. However, the spouses live apart from each other, but also spend a weekend, holiday, holidays, leisure. None of the spouses is not bound by family obligations and responsibilities. Many such relationships like.

Advantages of the guest of marriage lies in the fact that you belong only to yourself. There is no need to get up early to prepare breakfast and pat her husband shirt.

No you will not detract from favorite activities. All the time you can devote to his beloved. For example, what bliss, slowly walk to the shops, choosing a regular blouse.

The obvious advantage of the guest of marriage is that the apartment is fully at your disposal. There is no need to collect in the corners of socks, empty beer cans. In addition, returning to work, you will not be hanging around the house waiting for the end of the football match and the care of his drunken friends.

Guest marriage the best option for people who are afraid of life. Woman for the man in such a relationship - an object of desire and an interesting conversationalist, not cook and polomojki. The wife sees her husband sexy man and not a piece of furniture.

However, guest marriage has its drawbacks. In the guests have to walk alone. As companies usually consist of couples, embarrassment will haunt you all evening.

If you have kids, guest marriage is complicated by the fact that one partner will be bored.

In case the guest marriage difficult to plan and manage the resources. Such a relationship, without financial problems, can afford only wealthy people.

Of course, all the advantages and disadvantages of marriage guest list is not possible, because this phenomenon is purely personal. Therefore, especially in each pair, who decided to live guest marriage, their.

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