"A Hunting Accident" or tyranny in the family

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 Beats - it means love. Unfortunately, many women still believe that the old adage true, although it has been written rebuttal lot of literature.

Every woman in my heart wants to be obedient slave, to hide from external problems behind a reliable person. But what if the one who has to protect you, but instead on the fact engaged in banal physical abuse?

Do not think that by hitting one and apologize for their actions, your partner never imagine this would not allow. Reeducate him you can not. And such cases, even with fervent repentance and chic gifts, will be repeated again and again. And you really need such a relationship?

As a rule, hit his woman can only be one person who can not fight back others equal. Therefore, getting a bruise, do not even think that the faithful made it into your training purposes. Most likely, he takes out his act offense caused to them by someone else.

Physical threat to your health - is not the worst that can happen if your man used to dismiss his hands. If a witness regular beatings are children in the family, seen certainly affect their tender, vulnerable psyche. Due to the home sadistic kid can turn inward, or, conversely, find the line of conduct of the father or stepfather example.

Therefore, if your family hit a woman is considered the norm - run by such a man. Nothing good to him will not work. And the sooner you leave your home tyrant, the more likely will get to meet a real man. Believe me, these do have, you just did not notice them before.

If domestic slavery have lasted quite a long time, is not considered shameful to repay the tormentor of the same coin. Let him at least once that is in place, over whom so brutally and painfully mocked.

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