5 myths about the mistresses

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 The war between the wives and mistresses - the eternal triangle situation in relations. Passions are constantly opposing sides invent ever more sophisticated ways to stab an opponent. And often the mistress put on the negative side, while his wife looks innocent victim. In this regard, formed a few myths about the treachery razluchnits.
 Myth №1. She began the first climb on it

It is not true. In fact: women are now in many areas of life occupied a leading position, but more often the initiators of dating relationships are still men. They ask the phone number you like a girl invited to a meeting, give a gift, call, promise, persuade, etc.

Myth №2. Happiness can not be built on the misfortune of another

Why, if the husband left the family, the mistress can not build your happiness with him? Why are only taken into account the desire of his wife? He is the same person as she was, and deserves to be happy. And if the wife is not able to provide man serene life, he found a more convenient option for themselves relations. And the abandoned woman should not grieve, it is better to start building your happiness with another man. Disintegration of the family just does not happen. Hence, the relationship outdated.

Myth №3. She needed him only money

It is not true. In fact: According to this statement, all mistresses have to go to a meeting with foreign husbands in rags and water to fend for bread. Women are often 25-30 already formed personality with a good job and middle-income countries. And in vain wife think that a large share of the household budget is spent on a mistress, it is often not the case. Men are limited to periodic gifts.

Myth №4. It shows a bad example for children

It is not true. In fact: children in general should not be drawn into this situation. Little busy with their games and just do not understand what is going on in the parents. But teens will understand whose side they take, or even will not intervene in the situation.

Myth №5. It would be in my place

In fact, it is now on your site. On the fact that you took earlier. Only failed to keep her husband. But now the mistress has every right to make him happy. Who gave her such powers? You do not have considered when you need your man. And it is desirable he found on the side.

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