20 male misconceptions about women

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 At a time when the window twenty-first century, people modify, develop, go ahead, the world is not no place for a second. Not spared a party and human relations. People with time radically changing outlook. Let's look at look at the life of a strong half of mankind. Psychologists have identified at least 20 reasons men deep misconceptions about women.

Thus, the most common misconceptions men.

1. "This is me perfect! She is mine! Will forever be mine! Except for me she does not need anyone ... "We are glad to disappoint you, dear men, because psychologists have determined that a minimum of 80% of women who madly in love with his partner in life, can in most unexpected moment in the fall of a madman.

2. Women love the ears! But it is not so simple, because all the men talk too banal things known every modern woman.

3. Now a lot of strong and self-confident women. But this is not quite true. Every woman wants man's affection and care, no matter what she wore a mask is not going out into the street.

4. Any fault can redeem gift. Would not it be your gift each day to remind your lover on offense?

5. Maiden memory. And it is also far from true. Women remember all the dates. Up to the first meeting, the first sex and even kiss.

6. A man should be like Johnny Depp. Not every woman wants to myself crazy handsome, because women are often visited by the idea: "What if the lead? »

7. Some men believe that all women - bitch. In a woman with bright makeup man almost certain that before a lady sees easily accessible. And how such a thing could come to mind?

8. Just sex is able to keep a woman. And not so, because the woman in the first place like not physically, but mentally.

9. feminine coquetry, and men see it as sexual advances.

10. A woman with whom a man has plenty of time to forgive any treason.

11. Today's women do not want to marry. All want to get married, they all want a fairy tale, and not everyone can give the tale, which she has long dreamed.

12. Give the woman to work up until marriage. The behavior of women is the same as with previous partners, if she likes that kind of life.

13. A certain category of women need men before it will play the role that a man wants to see.

14. After sex woman solves all their problems.

15. Some claim that women are polygamous - it is their nature.

16. The ideal wife - a woman who grew up in a dysfunctional family.

17 For a woman can not raise hand. And many, it gets!

18. Upon learning of my cons, our relationship will collapse under its initiative.

19. Women - supporters of anal sex.

20. Women are interested in your penis, and it is one of the keys to a good relationship.

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