10 taboo family life

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 During candy buketny period most people try to show their best side: attractive and generous, light, understanding and attentive. But things change after marriage, and sometimes not in the best way. To avoid this, you must know the 10 major taboo family life.

1.Zabyvat about their appearance
Set of glossy magazines write about the benefits of lace dressing gowns and silk dressing gown. But no, after marriage, many women beautiful home clothes replace old bathrobes. To do this is by no means impossible. A woman should be beautiful and sexy forever.

2.Lozhitsya to bed after a quarrel
All evening and outstanding issues will not make fun and good morning. Better resentment and negative emotions leave today, hug each other, make up, and then sleep will be stronger and calmer.

3.Prinimat serious decisions alone
Even if you completely trust the partner, and agree with you to solve all family problems alone can not. This might offend him. In addition, if the decision is in his view wrong, instead of support you will hear in your address only reproaches.

4.Sravnivat favorite with former
Psychologists believe that any comparison with the former partner show incomplete relations.

5.Vmeshivat in family disputes third parties
All family problems should be solved independently, since neither friends nor relatives can not give an objective assessment of the situation. Moreover, it will save you from gossip and gossip.

6.Ploho speak about his family and friends
Criticism and ridicule in the presence of the husband of his relatives or friends - absolutely useless. He is either mad if you do not agree, or he will not like to hear about the shortcomings of their loved ones.

7.Sravnivat income
The financial issue is very often the cause of family conflict. If you earn more than their men and constantly aktsentiruete attention on this, it could hurt this fact that lead to conflict.

8.Smeyatsya on hobbies
If you respect yourself, you will respect and enthusiasm of a loved one, even if you do not like. Of course, do not need to pretend that you are having an interest in what he was doing, but also to make fun of his favorite activities should not be.

9.Narushat personal space
Every person, even the family should have their own space. Therefore it is not necessary to read his messages in your phone, eavesdrop on conversations on a mobile or verify personal belongings. This can not only greatly hurt the partner, but also anger.

10.Zabyvat about celebrations
Remember that gifts, greetings and small surprises can destroy the gray everyday life and once again reminded of feelings.

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