The right to a marriage of convenience

The right to a marriage of convenience
 In our society, mostly widely believed that if a girl gets married on the calculation, it is necessarily selfish and artificial doll, for which money plays the most important role in her life. But if you do not be so categorical, then a marriage of convenience, you can look from the other side. Who is entitled to it?

Most unmarried girls want to meet a rich husband. But when really it is found, then they begin to blame the greed and thrift. But is a marriage of convenience that bad?

On the one hand, indeed, a marriage of convenience to no good result can not, because I do not get married for a fat wallet, and after a living person, which would have to go to every day in the same bed, to share all the sorrows and joys of co-existence. But it is not so easy to do with the unloved person, or, even worse, with an unpleasant.

But on the other hand, lives in poverty can also be sick quite quickly. If you have every day to climb out of the skin, not only to make money on the food, but also to try to save every penny to gather up on your make-up or new shoes. What is there to marital happiness?

So the money - it's not important, but they are still important. And besides, if a person has a stable financial position, it is already for that it can be respected, especially if in his life, he just made himself, without the illegal manipulation and cronyism.

And if we take into account the fact that all human representation of the distribution of roles in the family come from childhood, the girl in the family where dad always brought home "mammoth" judge just not worth it. The wife of a family is unlikely to respect her husband if he is unable to find a decent, well-paid job to support their children and spouse with everything you need. She is likely to find herself a husband out of the circle of "strong".

And judging on a global scale, the normal person, not disabled, not burdened by any obligations, is simply obliged to become successful in life, including becoming financially secure.
But, of course, the choice of a spouse will be the ideal option to combine both money and love.

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