The reasons for marriage

The reasons for marriage
 Marry - that's what every girl wants. Someone starts to argue, they say, "what about the career," "I'm not married to dream." Of course, for some - first career, then marriage. But here form a happy family - general purpose, not only for women but also for men. And if they should build a house, plant a tree and raise a son, it is much easier to do in a family environment, the woman also has its own biological and social program, and very strong.

Some girls are brought up in strict accordance with social traditions, for them marriage is a must. Moreover, they are subjected to pressure from his entire family: parents and grandparents, all expect their young princess to marry, and if it is already approaching the age of 30, and it is still not in a hurry, express disapproval.

And now, the long-awaited marriage is looming on the horizon, announced challenger, planning a wedding, and the dress ... ah, what a dress! Is ready and is waiting for the bride. There is a ceremony, the guests at the wedding was done on. It may look strange, but then there is something unexpected. Yes, married. And then what? It is not clear. Men also like that happens. House-Tree-son, the program is executed, and then no goals. Therefore put all their efforts on the implementation of the social attitudes fraught, at least, the crisis on their implementation. Because society does not offer complex personal goals that only you can put yourself in front of him.

A strong desire to get married to a woman, there are several reasons. One of the earliest, pledged in his childhood, when the question is not about the future family, it is a factor of the princess. Girl dreams of being a princess. Of course, it must be incredibly beautiful in a long dress, but the princess is another important attribute, which is found in all fairy tales. This prince. Later life corrects several requests, if not the prince, and her husband ... But the wedding itself - it's your holiday, when you can really feel like a princess. Some girls dream, rather, about the wedding than the marriage of the future.

Marriage seems a lot of evidence of success with the opposite sex. If you stayed on the shelf, no one takes. Quickly married - a popular and attractive. Although this stereotype is not true. As a rule, quickly marry is not the most popular girl, and those who from a young age dreamed of a family and would like to have children. Universally recognized beauties tend to choose long, rejecting the fans, and they are in no hurry to get married, and even happens that reject someone in the hope that it will continue to pursue, and he leaves. Then beauty can get married, but not for that person.

Plays a huge role and biological instinct. Every woman set out to give birth and raise offspring, so arranged by nature. Someone this instinct developed quite strongly, and someone did not hear him, arguing that the birth of children - not for them. Most girls would like to first make a man, a reliable family, and in which to raise children.

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