Our mistakes that prevent us from marrying

Our mistakes that prevent us from marrying
 You met a wonderful man. Your relations are developing well, and you are increasingly coming up with the idea of ​​a wedding. But for some reason, elect not in a hurry to make you an offer. You start to get nervous and think to himself that he does not love you, just do not hurry down the aisle. The analysis of such situations shows that women commit common mistakes that do not allow you to quickly get married.

Inflated expectations. Often it is they are our problem in the first place. You should try to objectively assess the reality of your relationship with a man. If he does not hurry to make you an offer, then he is not yet ready for this step. He may, in principle, is not ready for a serious relationship and build a family.

 Low self-esteem. This applies more to the situation when you are still in search of a future spouse. If you underestimate yourself, your mind and appeal, you run the risk of being left alone. Men pay attention to self-confident women.

 The ability to wait. No need to rush things. Do you have a loved one, or you're searching for, you will in any case have to be patient. We must learn to trust the process. Do not force the event. Do not try to grab the first comer, or make your boyfriend to take the plunge.

Trust your intuition. She rarely deceives us.

Mistakenly marriage elevated to the main goal of communication with the opposite sex. Wiser to just enjoy the fellowship.

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