Married on the calculation

Married on the calculation
 Marry on the calculation became fashionable. Of course, that marriage of love, it's wonderful. But why tie their fate with a person who is unable to provide a decent life, if you can marry a successful businessman, with whom life turn into a fairy tale? Besides, it is not necessary that "Rich Pinocchio" will be decrepit old man, who but pity and disgust is not able to cause any emotion.  

However, entering into a marriage of convenience, keep in mind that money is not only solve all the problems of life, but also create them. Girls should not deceive ourselves and think that by marrying a rich man, they thereby provide yourself and carefree life full of happiness. Every time dreaming about a rich husband, you should think about the possible difficulties.

With the financial unequal spouses have a casting vote in decisions belongs to those who earn more. Wealthy partner has a much greater influence in the family. And there's nothing you can do, especially if the spouse strongly developed possessive.

Money does not appear out of nowhere. Sometimes they are produced by a criminal, and therefore may cause conflict and even dangerous situations. After all, not everyone is ready to accept the fact that the money, which the family lives, "dirty" and the ill-gotten gains. This fact is not always known before marriage. Typically, the secret is revealed much later, after a few years of marriage.

Another disadvantage of a marriage of convenience is a systematic lack of a spouse at home. Some workaholics dream of success and are willing to spend long hours at work.

In the event that a wealthy partner did not earn his fortune, and got him a legacy, it is likely that his family wants to take a strict control over the life of "poor cousin". Gradually the lifestyle of the family of your spouse will take precedence over your own way of life, and you'll be forced to obey it.

In addition, a wealthy spouse may go to another splurge or die. A similar situation
will be a heavy blow to a woman who is totally dependent on her husband and also family life is not able to manage anything. Therefore, a woman should take a proactive stance, to be independent and to think about the future. Once hostages marriage of women should not forget that in any case it is necessary to rely only on themselves.

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