Marriage after 30

Marriage after 30
 There are women who, exchanging the fourth decade, yet never went to marry, while their friends are thinking about a second divorce. In the old days in such obliquely to and looked compassionately called "old maids." Today, their girlfriends, who are preparing to make a double divorce, loneliness and sympathize with their childlessness, secretly envying. In fact, our ladies 'thirty' know what they do ...

Now the term "spinster" out of our vocabulary. Armed with the slogan "old we are, but never virgins! "Modern woman is not going sooner starting a family, helpless girls go" for her husband. " They want to start a family in partnership. According to statistics, marriage, created after thirty, stronger early.

But we're talking about women self-sufficient. And what do others who barely over ... Start quietly panicking? Nothing to do, but only to refute some false "truths".

Men look only for young girls. Look - yes, no one disputes. Marry clever men (and us because they should be?) On quite different. The main thing for men - the rear, which can only create a wise and able woman. Keep in mind that the wife should be the mistress of the kitchen, in the living room and queen courtesan in bed! And do you think that all this can give schoolgirl yesterday? Unlikely.

For thirty years all men "understand". Well, firstly, we do not need "all". Secondly, there are those among them who, just like you, "ripen" for marriage, and there are those who are on the verge of divorce. Yes, there is a danger of contact with mama's boy, misogynist, Alfonso, or worse, an alcoholic. But you and the woman, sagacity years to not fall for the bait.

Woman loses appeal before men. But it does not. How many examples of the fact that on the evening of the meeting classmates, fifteen years or so, among balding and fattening yesterday's boys flitting on his heels and shapely young classmate!

After thirty first time to give birth problematic. Horrible word "starorodjashchaja" Thank God, quietly forgotten. While female reproductive system in working condition, it is designed by nature to bear. And the whole arsenal of the XXI century medicine to help her. Another thing is a big gap in age can be a problem of fathers and children. But! Learn to be a friend of the child, it will give you a bonus - stay young!

In adulthood, already accustomed to freedom, and in men see flaws through. In fact, we are going to create a family, too, with a mature subject, and he does not constrain your freedom. A full compensates for the shortcomings of love and caring look.

Family, consciously created by people in middle age, of course, preferable. If you are not married early - Rejoice, you will find a happy marriage!

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