Life after the wedding

Life after the wedding
 Hesitating for a wedding, not all lovers really realize how much this decision will change their lives. And in vain: it is because of this in the first years of married life, accounts for a large part of the divorce.
 He graduated from the pre-wedding bustle wedding dress removed and cleaned, gifts unpacked, counted the money. And the bride and groom have become husband and wife. For some couples who have lived together for a long time, a stamp in the passport does not change anything: they continue to live in the same way as before, only new status. But most have to deal with moving to a new apartment, domestic problems, the family budget, and many other things that the couple get in the appendage to the new status.

The worst thing - it's life. If you have not lived together, we should be prepared for the fact that the new husband will bring you a lot of surprises in the form of, for example, scattered around the apartment socks, dirty dishes, etc. But for her husband may come as a surprise that his wife does not know how to cook and clean and prefers to bask in bed until lunchtime. Gradually, without quarrels and scandals, divide among themselves all the household duties. For example, ate - washed their dishes; who used to come home from work, he is preparing dinner, etc. Let the husband dusting, vacuuming and wife - choose something that is more suited to your family. Quiet division of responsibilities and the ability to understand your partner and make concessions to save your marriage from many troubles.

Of course, married life without quarrels can not do. Learn quarrel correctly. Many young couples quarreling, pulled out of memory more and more unpleasant facts, and even begin to insult each other. There is one simple rule: row over burnt porridge, quarrel because of burnt porridge. Socks that are forgotten under the bed husband and utensils that are not washed his wife a month ago, do not have this completely irrelevant.

And finally, life after marriage requires the allocation of the family budget. Try to immediately determine the income and expenses. For example, a husband can pay utility costs, and the wife - to pay for clothes, shoes and food.

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