The minimum program for the summer wardrobe

The minimum program for the summer wardrobe
 The woman, in order to have a good summer, often not enough tickets at the resort and loved ones close by. At the same time I want to also be beautifully dressed. And designers have already prepared a trendy new items that should be to the taste of young ladies.
 Fashion designers are aware of the habit of girls to dress up in men's shirts. Now lovers borrow things from boyfriend can flaunt them not only at home but also in the streets. Extremely fashionable this summer are dress-shirt in the style of a safari. These clothes will be appropriate to look at and walk, and summer in the office.

Summer like never actually mini. The length can be any, from the standard to the palm above the knee. The upper limit is dictated only by your courage.

To demonstrate the slender legs, not necessarily put on a mini. In vogue volume long dresses, skirts that made of translucent chiffon. Such together to be careful to choose accessories to look elegant.

Like last summer, overalls are back in fashion. This season, they have become shorter and more vivid.

Shorts are also firmly established in the women's locker room. They are versatile - suitable for jogging and hiking on the beach, and for the office. We just need to choose the model that would be appropriate to look at a particular situation.

Long skirts firmly hold their positions. But if last year demand among fashionistas enjoyed colorful options, now the most popular are plain skirts to the floor.

It is believed that long dresses with a slit best suited for red carpet and social events. However, this summer, this style can be seen on the streets. Sexy dresses, where an incision in the leg goes into the laces, as well as the more familiar pencil skirt with a cut will be welcome at any disco.

Going on a summer holiday, do not forget to bring a hat. This fashionable summer accessory this year replaced all sorts of Panama, baseball caps and bandanas. In addition to the aesthetic side, the hat will protect your head from sunstroke, and nose and shoulders - from erosion.

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