How to choose the size correctly

How to choose the size correctly
 If you buy things, shoes in stores, choosing the right size problems should arise. Just try on each selected item. The question relates more to the choice of the size of the online stores.
 Choose clothes and shoes, without leaving home, comfortable, but there is a risk to make a mistake in size. Potential customers with online stores attract a large range of products, low prices and good quality, and purchase delivered directly to your home. Opponents fear the extra virtual maintenance costs due to the fact that a thing can be considered only visually.

The first arm measuring tape. Measure the waist, chest, hips, shoulder width, the length of the arms and legs. Take a sheet of paper and a pen and write down the data.

Dimensions underwear marked with the letter S, M, L - the values ​​for standard indicators with growth of 155 to 175 cm and weight 45 to 75 kg. Russian equivalents - 42-48 sizes.

Clothing sizes are also marked with Latin letters - XS, S, M, L, XL; international standards, the amounts correspond to Merauke, which is usually indicated on the website of online stores in the form of tables.

This format size study before dared to order. Otherwise inappropriate thing will have to return, and this extra trouble and expense.

Do not pick up the size "by eye", consider the cut of clothes. Things can be very fitting or fitting, free or heavily-free. Choose a style according to their own preferences and consider the most appropriate to your figure.

Pay attention to the line of growth, it is also indicated in Latin characters. For example, high - L, low - K, the average - N. Buy only suitable length you.

Looking after jeans, pants or skirts, consider planting model. It is a classic - a waist, down - just above the hips, low - on the hips.

In the shops, there are instructions on the proper selection of sizes - please read these sections before your purchase.

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