How to choose a style of dress?

How to choose a style of dress?
 Style of a lot, but in spite of this diversity, everyone is exactly the style that suits him, meets the needs of his inner world.

If you prefer a simple and neat clothes, do not like frills and prefer elegance throughout, then you are an adherent of the classical style, which is a kind known to all the business style of dress. At the heart of the classical style skirts and trousers are straight cut and jackets. This wardrobe is never frills, flounces, things with lace. Skirts no shorter than knee length, and more - on the palm below the knee. Conservative style and skillfully combines black, gray and white.


Wear loose dresses and tunics, skirts and wide-cut loose blouses made of natural fabrics, cardigans and knitted sweaters, if you follower country style or folk style. Pastel colors, muted colors, lace, fringe, applique and embroidery - these are just some of the distinctive features of this style of clothing.


Choose bright clothes, with minimal decoration, free silhouette of knitted fabrics, elastic, if you prefer a sporty style. Shorts, tracksuits, T-shirts and huge bags - this is what a person chooses, dress up in sporty style.


Prefer feminine ruffles, flounces, flared ryusham and so on, if you want to stick to the romantic style. Small handbags, scarves and neck scarves, flared skirts, chiffon blouses, complex cut and floral patterns - it characterizes the romantic style of dress.


Choose a style based on the way of life - in other words, if you lead an active lifestyle, you are unlikely to fit the images of the romantic style or business. On the contrary, as office workers, do not dress in country-style or wear sports things.

Pay attention

When choosing the style of the above, note the matching clothes and your inner world. Everything must be harmonious.

Useful Tips

Do not blindly follow fashion trends in the foreground should be your personality.

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