High technology at the service of fashion

High technology at the service of fashion
 Fashion - it is so diverse and multifaceted that cuts fabrics and colors can turn the head of even the most pampered fashionistas and sophisticated audience. In our technological times fashion is not to stay away from all kinds of technology. Now you can find all kinds of processed fabrics, such as silk or boiled brightly painted fabrics and created with high-tech simulation of fabrics made of natural material.

And it's not all that can be found in the fashion world, is growing every day a range of clothing, with the creation of which would be used high technology. Here, for example, winter clothing, with the development of technology, coats and jackets are becoming easier if you take when the very warm coat made of thick woolen cloth, its hard for a long time to wear, because it is quite heavy. Now he had to replace a variety of jacket padding polyester, wool coats of membrane tissue, it is much easier and more convenient.

One of the main fans of high technology is Miuccia Prada. It shows there is always something innovative, she is not afraid to experiment and amaze visitors with fabrics, shapes and all sorts of colors. Prada is the hallmark of processing of woolen fabrics, ignorant in these matters a man, it was difficult to distinguish the treated fabric or not.

Another fan of high-tech textile treatment is a brand like Christian Dior. This fashion house affects the structure of their tissues, for clothing they use the finest wool twisted yarns that are interwoven with a thread of silk. This allows Dior produces a line of costumes that can last for a long time and are of high quality, without the addition of synthetic materials.

One of the latest technology and high-tech is a kind of "implantation" in the clothes of various gadgets. Now you do not have to worry about how you have a favorite subject or not, for example, an innovation for fashionistas - handbag with implanted list. You fill out a list of important things for you (position in the list of about 10), and each time collecting bag on the bottom works scanner, which verifies them. In the event that things do not have in your bag, it starts to glow red and beep to indicate that something is missing. But the owner of such bags may have to recall what she had forgotten.

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