Black dress in the wardrobe of a woman

Black dress in the wardrobe of a woman
 In 1926, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel first showed to the world the little black dress, which is mourning as a sign of mourning for a lost lover. However, elegant, discreet outfit came to taste the beautiful half of humanity, and now almost every woman has in her wardrobe black dress.

Changed over time style, length and finish the dress, but remained unchanged color. Coco Chanel prefer a simple knee-length dress, and her favorite accessory was pearl thread. Needless to say that the women of fashion 60s this image seemed a bit boring, and they complemented its lacy stockings, gloves, hats, feathers and veil.

In the 90 years to replace the bling comes minimalism, and black dress gets sexy shape case, slim female figure. Along with this elegant string of pearls replaced the massive jewelry in various shades and textures.

Modern designers make a dent on the black dress, shortening its length to cause mini. But that's not all, also in vogue asymmetrical shapes: dresses with the smell, one-shoulder, with a deep neckline at the back and so on.

Black dress is an integral part of women's wardrobe for nearly a century, so popular this together ensure its universality. Even Audrey Hepburn noticed that black dress is suitable for women of all ages. It emphasizes the harmony of the young ladies and perfectly conceals flaws figure of a mature woman, while emphasizing its merits.

In general, the stylish outfit, donated millions of fashionistas Coco Chanel, simply irreplaceable thing. Black dress, framed close-fitting jackets and flavored elegant satin scarf - perfect office outfit, and if we replace cardigan jacket, you will get a wonderful ensemble for an evening walk around the city. Little black dress plus stilettos just a godsend for publication. Adding evening dress fur cape and refined brooch, feel free to go to any festive event!

In short, black dress collecting dust in your closet is not necessary.

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