Exposing her shoulders correctly

Exposing her shoulders correctly
 Dresses with open shoulders now in vogue. Fashion designers offer different options collections involving wearing either one, or both at once with bare shoulders. There are a number of recommendations how to wear a similar style model.
 Women's clothing with open arms was officially introduced to the world in the 1950s, known at the time the fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga. He was the inventor of fashion to this day styles as a dress bag, dress-coat and barrel without buttons. Model clothes with bared shoulders immediately became a hit. Today they are again conquers his place on the catwalks of the world and in the cloakrooms fashionistas.

The ideal figure for this kind of clothes - rounded hips and a small waist. This type of figure called "pear". As a rule, owners of such forms beautiful, slightly rounded shoulders. Therefore, they are not only possible, but even to show. Ideal for those ladies there is any wear - and with one arm and with both, and with a deep boat. Wear such outfits can be both day and night, on weekdays and on holidays. However, you should think carefully about the image, because completely bare shoulders in the office - a phenomenon, to put it mildly, not very appropriate.

Therefore it is necessary to carefully select accessories. Suitable light chiffon scarves, which are partly drawn attention to himself. Since jewelry is best not to overdo it, otherwise the image will be weighted. Choose elegant, can be massive earrings. This will be enough. It is better to pay attention to good shoes and bag them. If the dress suggests such a possibility, add a small belt around the waist. Want to add the image of raisins - attach to the edge of the gate brooch. She will be the main focus of your image. At the time of operation can throw light on the shoulders of guipure or chiffon bolero. It will create the effect of a cover, but at the same time not completely hide the main highlight of your image.

If your figure is far from ideal, but the dress or top or blouse with bare shoulders revile you desperately want to, then do not give up the dream. Simply choose clothes dark, better black. It hides the flaws and emphasize the dignity profitable.

But the owners of broad shoulders and full of such clothing should be abandoned. It visually make your shoulders more and more widely, and will not look elegant.

The basic rule for all who choose to bare shoulders, - do not take clothes with bright prints. After all, the bare shoulders - this is in itself a bright accent. And no need to burden it with additional decorative elements.

Another important rule - the shoulders should be ideal. So take care of your skin in advance. Make a scrub, apply a moisturizing or nourishing mask, after the cream. If you have planned a festive evening out, you can put on your skin cream with the effect of flicker. Just a little, not to light up like a Christmas tree.

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