We select clothes for petite women

We select clothes for petite women
 Women miniature addition often have difficulty in choosing clothes. The figure "Thumbelina" is charming, but it was her small size creates owners of some complexity.
 Moreover, in addition to objective difficulties, women generally tend to look at their figures and fictional disadvantages then try to correct them. The most common desire petite women - seem a little higher. With the help of properly selected clothing is quite possible.

Wear clothes made of fabric with a pattern "vertical bar", it visually make you taller and slimmer. Also good vertical stitching, vertical rows of buttons and even the usual vertical lightning serve you well in the struggle for additional visual centimeters.

Neckline V-shaped and should take a strong pride of place in your wardrobe. Neckline V-shaped visually lengthen your silhouette, as well as beneficial to emphasize your chest. Square and round cut-outs as well "wearable", but in this case it is better to add to the image of a long string of beads or a long chain with pendants.

When choosing the color of clothing common rules, choose them depending on who you are - blonde, brunette, redhead, what is your skin tone.

More pay heed to the figure chosen fabric. Pay attention to its size and give preference to medium and small size, in any case, the drawing fabric should not be greater than your fist.

Do not hide his feet. Women miniature addition should not wear skirts to the floor, it will make you a little more visually. Knee-length skirt and above - this is an ideal option.

But choosing the silhouette of clothes for the upper half of the body - blouses, jackets and so on - you can afford a model with a slightly elongated sleeves - this will make your hands visually longer and more sophisticated.

Of course, speaking of the choice of clothes, shoes can not pass over in silence. Wear heel - comfortable, stable, easy to block, but be sure the heel.

Very good for young women shoes with pointed toes of medium length, shoes and sandals with open nose, medium height boots.

Love yourself and your appearance, do not look for flaws in himself - he emphasized the dignity and you will always look attractive and stylish.

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