Style for larger women

Style for larger women
 If a woman has a few extra pounds, it is not a reason to wear shapeless clothes and hide his body in robes. Obese women many advantages, such as magnificent breasts or great skin, which can and should emphasize using clothing and accessories.  

Choose the clothes the right size, because too snug fit accentuate your fullness. Prefer cut, which presupposes respect for the space between the body and the cloth.

Obese women are suitable dark colors: dark blue, burgundy, chocolate, dark brown, but you can afford and vivid details: scarf, belt, scarf and gloves. You should carefully choose the dress with a print, consider the proportionality of the figures and ornaments. Do not choose the clothes too small figure.

One of the main rules - the choice of fabric. It should be fairly easy but at the same time firm. Obese women should abandon the rough or shiny fabrics that create excessive volume or fine knitwear and fabrics with a high percentage of lycra.

With clothes can hide figure flaws. To disguise too full hips, wear straight or slightly flared from the hip pants with an arrow straight skirts to mid-knee. Blouses, jackets, cardigans and sweater should cover the buttocks, but not encircle them. The lower part of the dress must be darker than the top.

If you want to hide large breasts, you will approach along with V-neck, open and wide neckline tunic with straight neckline and clothing consisting of asymmetric details in the chest, jackets and blouses with stand-up collar. Note that massive decorations, horizontal stripes, pockets and prints in the chest will add volume.

Visually reduce the stomach to help dresses and skirts trapezoidal shape, as well as the high waistline. Wear a blouse untucked, refuel them in pants or a skirt, do not tighten the belt tight, try to trim it the same color as the clothes. Beware of tight dresses, in addition to them there should be no buckles, pockets and buttons in the abdomen.

Hide full hands will help you sleeve and ¾ length sleeve kimono. Given these simple rules of style, you look beautiful, attractive and sexy.

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