Modern Style: Learning intelligently combine incongruous

Modern Style: Learning intelligently combine incongruous
 Modern fashion dizzy and makes her wonder even the most spoiled audience. Recent trends are amazing and superior to even the most brilliant style of the eighties. Under the slogan "combine incongruous" live modern young people who are not behind the fashion, as well as those who administers its new trends.

Who really not scary to go out in something non-standard. The idea immediately can pick up and use as a novelty of the season. Today, you can apply in your wardrobe combination of different styles and time.

Here are a few tricks combinations of clothes in a modern manner.

Jeans that will never go away from our lives today as fashionable as in the 90s. For example, the actual combination of denim pants straight or slightly tapering cut with classical female white shirt or blouse that has ruffles or frills. To complete such a mixed image will help shoes. It must be the case here as suitable and heel, which may be of any shape and without shoes. Ideal - this ballet flats with some bright print and a large bag string bag.

The combination of classic sport in contemporary style also important. For example, wearing the classic short dress, even black, it can be not afraid to combine with fun and matching colored sneakers, although in the classic version stilettos and a small clutch much more sexy and attractive. In general the opportunity to wear such feminine and attractive dresses and skirts with severe and even look like men's shoes is very symbolic. The woman seems to say about his character: I'm beautiful and sexy, a little naive and helpless, but I can be independent and self-confident, give rebuff to any enemy.

Today, the most amazing and inappropriate colors can be combined and make it really beautiful and fashionable. Why not wear a belt of bright purple on a plain cream long sundress or the same style dress. In this modern designers do not insist on shoes, make-up bag, or the same color.

By the way, as for makeup, there exists for each choice, because today there is the modest rules to adhere to a few years ago. Quite acceptable makeup bright and intense, sometimes even theatrical, but it is natural options for the evening. Day make-up can also be done in the mood, the main thing - do not go too far, because no one wants to leave the house with make-up on her face instead of make-up.

Latest fashion trends are a kind of reflection of today's world. In these combinations of clothes sometimes you can see the inner world of the modern individual, such contradictory and confusing. Picking up his wardrobe, just to hear your mood, and the rest is a matter of technique, because today there are no prohibitions.

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