Italian style in clothes

Italian style in clothes
 Italian fashion designers is not the first dictate fashion trends. It is in this country, a most luxurious fashion week, which attracts people from many countries. Not surprisingly, the Italian fashion style has won high popularity throughout the world.
 The Italian-style clothing has one unique feature - a combination of elegance and simplicity. You will not see these items of clothing no frills, artsy elements unnecessary decorative details. This applies not only to daily and business, but even festive clothing: it would in any case be simple cut and rigor silhouette.

Of course, the passionate Italians pay special attention to sensuality and even sexy outfit, but about any trick in this case we are not talking. Women's clothing should primarily emphasize the soft, flowing lines of the body, something which encircle gracefully, and in some places to hide figure flaws. Soft but clear lines, flowing, but strict silhouettes, concise style, allowing femininity - these are the main features of women's clothing in the Italian style.

Things should be primarily comfortable and functional. Italian style rejects things detaching body, uncomfortable clothes, tough and unpleasant to the touch fabric. Each article of clothing should be tailored so that people could feel it naturally could move easily, without feeling any discomfort.

Clothes in the Italian style is always made of high-quality and expensive materials. It is devoid of undue pretentiousness, so a huge number of crystals, made of precious metals and other decorative elements in it. Top quality materials necessary primarily for ease of use and ease of maintenance.

Italian style tends to return the dress its original function. It should not emphasize the social status and becomes a reflection of political views and features of the world and so on. Each article of clothing should express a personality of its owner, but not at the same time serve as a symbol of protest or a desire to show their difference from others.

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