How to look slimmer in a swimsuit

How to look slimmer in a swimsuit
 Swimsuit - not the clothes, which is easy to feel confident. He is too small to cover all the flaws and fabric fits like a second skin. However, even if the figure is far from perfect, you can try to look good in the summer on the beach.
 Size does matter

Swimsuit must exactly fit your size. It is clear that too much will be wrinkle ridge, creating an unnecessary amount. Many tend to choose a swimsuit size smaller to better obtyanut body. In this case, there is a risk that on the thighs, underarms, back pleats will appear, "not fit" in a size too small.

Pay attention to the fact that the fabric was high quality and dense. Thin material stretches when wet and with time.

How to choose a swimsuit

Owners of magnificent forms better to give up all kinds of bikini and tankini. The most flattering figure option - Piece Swimsuit with a nice cut on the back, but no holes in the stomach or on the sides. Moreover, such models are Waisting stomach insertion which make the line more smooth body. Better if the swimsuit is dark, and ornaments and picture will be directed vertically or diagonally. If you want to hide too heavy bottom, beach wear a skirt. Very large amount of added asymmetrical print and neon colors.

The gait is free, from the hip

If you want to look slimmer in a swimsuit, you should not relax. If possible, choose shoes with heels, it will lengthen the legs. Straight back, lowered (down, not forward) shoulders and raised his chin visually add a few inches of growth.

Lose weight, per night

If a few simple steps by which the figure will look slim and toned. Firstly, tanned body always looks thinner and athletic. Before the summer season to visit a solarium, and if not possible - use tanning.
The second secret of a good shape - do not eat a heavy meal at night. If in the morning you're going to go to the beach for dinner, choose something light and well absorbed: vegetables, fish, soup, - then your tummy will remain in its best form.

Red herring

Make emphasis on the dignity of the figure. If you have a long beautiful neck, lift the hair up and wear long earrings, can boast elegant wrists - choose a beautiful bracelet and bright nail polish. Apply a light make-up, emphasize cheekbones and eyes, smile, and then the attention of others will be drawn to your face, and not to the folds at the waist.

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