French style: how to dress Parisian fashionista

French style: how to dress Parisian fashionista
 Paris - trendsetter and Parisian for many is an icon of femininity and refined taste. However, the Parisian ladies do not blindly follow the advice of designers, they have their own special style.
 The main rule of the Parisian ladies - as little as possible of brilliant details. All sorts of rhinestones and sequins - the enemy of stylish casual wear.

The brand name should be written in huge letters on the bag or t-shirt. The fact that her jeans from the collection of "Gucci", a stylish Parisian knows so. A sign of this for the rest of the priest only diverts attention from its elastic and pumped up the buttocks.

Black - it's stylish, but not boring. Parisienne can even dress their children in black suits or dresses and neither shall there's nothing wrong with that.

Basic wardrobe a stylish Parisian girls consists of white, black and dark blue items. This combination looks a winner in any situation.

Parisian love to create a deliberately sloppy appearance. No one should imagine that she spun two o'clock in the mirror, trying on things, putting her hair and make-up bridging. For others it should look look like she jumped out of bed, pulled the first available things comb and ran out into the street. And, of course, having a good taste, at the same time was able to pick the perfect outfit.

Shoes and bags Parisian beauties must be of high quality and comfortable. Not necessarily that these things were brand names. Parisians love to buy shoes to order, and turn to the famous masters for tailoring sandals begins to build in the winter. Daily bag Parisian should be roomy. Stylish resident fashion capital will not try to cram all their belongings into a tiny clutch bag, it just takes a little more bag.

Gold and diamonds - a decoration for mature women. Parisian until recently would not wear them, afraid to seem older. But the original silver and jewelry bought in small shops in Paris, perfectly fit into the image of stylish and confident young woman.

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