Choose and wear jeans

Choose and wear jeans
 Now almost everyone's wardrobe are jeans. Moreover, gender, and age is not important here. Jeans to you for a long time to rejoice, it is necessary to know how to pick them up.

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the jeans cut. Girls who have a slim figure, perfect arrow, straight lines, as well as a wide strap. The fair sex with more curvaceous need to give preference to a more soft and rounded lines.

Furthermore, still need to consider the length of the legs and growth, as well as the shape of the thighs. For example, if you are not very long legs, then flared jeans, you do not fit, they visually shorten them and emphasize the hips. There is an optimal model of jeans, it will fit almost all the girls. This straight trousers medium width. They can be decorated to your taste. It can be as unpretentious lines, and can - other more interesting details.

An important factor when choosing jeans and a selection of fabrics. There are many materials used to make the jeans. These include the stretch, denim, velvet, lightweight denim, corduroy, etc. Giving preference to one or the other tissues, it is necessary to pay attention to how it will subsequently be worn and stretched.

Also, remember that light jeans, always full of women. So full of girls to choose them because of fashion, style or something else is not worth it. Dark blue is the most optimal. These classic jeans are always in fashion, not too dirty, as well as visually make slimmer.

In choosing jeans and size is important, but rather only two parameters: the width and length. Many people think that length is not so important. After all, you can just bend. In fact, buy jeans longer than your feet is not recommended. They will sit badly.

Pants with low waist slim fit only girls with chiseled figure. Those who have even a small tummy, more suitable models with high landing.

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