Wedding dress with a train: Beauty and Style

Wedding dress with a train: Beauty and Style
 Wedding - is not only cries of "bitter", splashes of champagne and joyful kisses. Wedding begins with a long and careful preparation. And the main question for the girls, of course, is a matter of choice of attire for the bride.
 If the bride wants to look at his own wedding a king, then she should opt for a dress with a train. This is one of the most interesting models for the big day. This style gives a majestic figure. Wherein the loop can be of different lengths - from a few centimeters to tens of centimeters. Naturally, the longer it is, the harder it is to control circuit.

Such style dresses look best on a fairly tall girl. Miniature brides, they will look slightly inappropriately, it is better to choose a dress or slim straight cut. Although there are models with a short skirt (to the knee or just below), but the addition of the back attached "tail".

Flex is not accepted "produce" all the wedding. It is clear that while moving down the street, riding in the car it can get dirty or even tear. In order to facilitate the movement of fashion girl come up with some ways of laying the loop. For example, the bustle. Cloth "tail" is fastened to the waist, and the joints are masked with artificial flowers, lace, ribbons, beads. Thus, ease of movement is achieved, and if necessary - for example, in the registry office or church, loop can be quickly "dissolved". And the wedding ceremony will be held throughout the royal grandeur of the bride.

If the "tail" is long enough, you will need to agree in advance with the bridesmaids or children so that they pobyli by pages during the solemn passage of the bride to the groom.

Dress this model are made of light, well-draped fabrics such as chiffon, organza, silk, satin. Trains decorated with lots of lace trim, silver braid, Japanese beads, swan's down.

On the reverse side a short loop can sew a sufficiently broad band denser fabric - it will serve as a sort of "caretaker" gathering dust on themselves. Then it can be quickly otporot.

Dress with a train needs to be carefully chosen accessories. Gloves, veil (preferably long), beautiful jewelry, shoes with high (but comfortable) heels completed the conversion of a girl in a fairy princess.

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