How to create a basic wardrobe

How to create a basic wardrobe
 To impress a beautiful and varied dressed women do not need to buy all the clothing department. It's enough to create a basic wardrobe, in which all things fit together, creating dozens of new ensembles for all occasions.
 When you create your own personal wardrobe basic, need to take into account the following points: a style (or styles) you practice, what the scope of your employment, the preferred colors. Well, such a delicate moment, as your financial possibilities, you can not mention. It is clear that it is necessary to take into account.

Wardrobe is always linked with the work of women. If you work as a teacher or in an administrative position, then, of course, you prefer business clothes fit into the dress code. If your area - journalism, public relations sphere, then you can afford more vibrant, informal suits and dresses.

To determine the color scheme, you need to look at themselves in the mirror, drawing attention to the hair color, skin tone and choose those colors that blend with your appearance, emphasizing its advantages.

Basic wardrobe must meet the rules of harmony, flexibility, color compatibility, the classical and quality. In simple terms if not expensive, but quality made things must be made in 3-4 colors, stylistically combined with each other and be appropriate for all occasions.

The basic wardrobe should include a suit with pants and skirt, two sweaters, a couple of blouses with long sleeves and two short, no additional costume skirt and light trousers, jumper, traditional jeans, summer dress and sundress, a few summer topics. Necessarily have to be a woman at least one, but beautiful evening gown. From outerwear should be warm coat (or coat), a light coat, demi-season coat and jacket. It will not hurt kit sportswear, if you are engaged in fitness. In the event of a very cold winter must be purchased insulated pants or a skirt and sweater with a high neck.

The choice of shoes should consist of 2 pairs of shoes daily, 2 pairs of sandals for the summer, sneakers (or other sports shoes), winter boots, spring and autumn shoes.

Among the accessories should be several scarves, scarves, stoles, belts and belt, a few bags, including part-quality jewelry for day and evening out.

Coming up with different sets of clothes, part of a basic wardrobe, complementing their accessories, you'll always be wearing fashionable and attractive.

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