History swimsuit

History swimsuit
 Fashion for swimming originated in the early 20th century, it actively contributed to the doctors who thought swimming in the ocean beneficial for the body. Swimwear constantly improved and changed, and today has become one of the most significant items of women's wardrobe.

Evolution Beachwear

There is evidence that as early as the 4th century BC, the ancient Greek women used for water treatment attire similar silhouette with modern swimsuits.

In the late 19th century as a female bathing suit acted flannel ankle-length dress, put on top of the lingerie, corset and stockings. In this case, of course, talking about the convenience was not necessary. In the early 20th century, with the advent of the era of women's autonomy and independence, swimsuit became represent a kind of suit - tights sewn from thick cotton black.

First leotard was established in 1913. Made of wool, it was easy, but in the water swelled and increased in weight by 3 kg. This swimsuit is no wonder it was drowning. For the elasticity and tightness in the suit fabric added rubber, which is why in salt water swimsuit shedding and lose their shape.

In the 20s of the last century cutout swimsuit became deeper, and the sleeves disappeared for good.

Hit the 30s became kupalnik- "case", which became a favorite model Marilyn Monroe, won the hearts of generations of men.

A decade later, the French fashion designer Jacques Heim was created swimsuit with open aperture and voluminous shorts, dubbed "atom".

Material swimwear is getting thinner and colors - brighter. Silhouette became more and more sexy, but he remained the most swimsuit closed.

The long-awaited revolution took place in 1946, when it was patented new swimsuit - bikini. The model was named after Bikini Island in the Pacific Ocean where the United States conducted the first test of an atomic bomb. The same effect was expecting creator swimsuit from his creation.

But the feminine silhouette, figure "hourglass", considered at the time the benchmark spodvigli designers to create swimwear, corsets from the recently invented a new material - latex - a mixture of silk or cotton with rubber.

Swimsuit bikini began to gain popularity only 10 years after its invention. After a lot of violent protests, bans on the appearance of it on public beaches and a storm of indignation, the popularity of bikini to top 60s reached its peak, this swimsuit model became a symbol of the emancipation of women in the 20th century.

In the 60s of the last century, first appeared swimwear made of nylon and Lycra, do not lose shape when wet, instant-drying and retain their color longer.

 In 1964, the court audience was presented with a monokini swimsuit-open chest, which came to taste only active sunbathers.

In the 70s, along with Bang fashion for natural body shape appear swimsuits without cups and pads in the bodice, wildest girls flaunt full swing in panties "Tango" and "thong".

Today, there are many models of swimsuits that are created from the most modern materials that can emphasize all the charm of a figure and hide flaws.

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