Dress with prints: must-have women's wardrobe

Dress with prints: must-have women's wardrobe
 Clothes with prints lately simply captivated the world's catwalks, and, accordingly, cabinets and dressers. Flowers, exotic fruits, pythons, oriental characters, peas, geometry, zebra, leopard - all of which can interfere with each other in the same dress or attend alone.
 In principle, absolutely any thing with print will look original. But the dress - it is a special subject. With a bright pattern is very easy to create a truly unique image and you can tell a lot about his mood. Sure, dress with prints must be present in every fashionista's wardrobe, self-respecting. Strict geometry, romantic flowers, amazing abstract, original ethnics, unpredictable eclecticism - what exactly style prints to decorate the dress, only you can decide. With such an abundance of patterns is easy to pick the option that will be more like you. A reason for putting on printovoe dress can always be found in this should not even doubt.

Putting on a dress with a print, you must have a sense of taste and measures to be similar to the lurid clown. To become a vibrant and spectacular girl, it is important to remember few simple rules.

This outfit is itself already is self-sufficient and bold option, but because he rarely needed some additions. If you still want to add something, you should take note that print dress should complement the light, quiet, self-colored things. For example, short jacket and shoes to match the dress pattern present in the elements will give a certain tranquility throughout the whole appearance.

If you decide to supplement the leopard dress, stop your choice on a brown, beige or black jacket. If I want to make a truly memorable then dress with this print can be mixed with red colors.

Risky fashionable women can be advised to combine leopard dress with shoes and accessories with the same pattern. To complete the picture as predatory way, you can also supplement the make-up, which will be attended by the black cat arrows. To mute the audacity of such a little animal print, leopard dress can be mixed with pink flowers.

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