Clothing for snowboarding. Dress code at the top of the snow

Clothing for snowboarding. Dress code at the top of the snow
 Snowboarding has become one of the most popular sports among people of all ages. Well-chosen clothes plays as important a role as a quality outfit. Specialized sport shops represent a wide range of goods for snowboarding and make the right choice to help a few tips.

When choosing clothes for snowboarding professionals recommend the principle of layering. The more layers you wear, the more comfortable and safe will feel. Special clothing for this sport always lightweight, so do not be afraid that, dressed warmly, you will be clumsy and awkward.

The first layer of clothing - underwear. It is usually made of synthetic fabric, sometimes with cotton or Lycra. Contrary to popular belief, thermal underwear is not designed to warm your body, it must maintain a constant temperature. Its operating principle is that the fabric absorbs excess moisture from the surface of the human body and immediately displays it, without having to get wet. Therefore, wearing underwear under clothes, you will not freeze even after active sports on a ski slope.

Thermal underwear with Lycra or cotton pretty comfortable, but cotton clothing long after drying moisture absorption, so wear it for snowboarding is not necessary. Select thermal underwear size, because too tight clothing will rub and hamper your movements, and too loose will not be close to the body and to perform its primary function. Note that high-quality welds thermolinen either flat, or located on the outer side, so as not to rub the skin. It is also recommended to buy termoshtany up to mid-calf, because you will have to put more and warm socks and shoes, and many layers of clothing in the ankle will form folds.

The next layer of clothing - a heater, whose task is to keep warm and prevent overheating of your body. It is best suited for this sweatshirt made of fleece. Such material is highly breathable and thus holds heat poorly waterproof, unlike cotton articles. Snowboarding in a woolen sweater is dangerous because you can simply overheat. Pick up hoodie so that you feel comfortable in it. Fleece sweatshirts fit well, if they choose the size in size, and cotton - for one or two sizes larger.

The third layer of clothing snowboarder - membrane, whose main objective is not to miss the moisture to your body and thus evaporate the one that stands out in sweat. This layer can be made without a heater, it all depends on the quality of the fabric. Picking up the jacket and pants, pay attention to the two indicators on the label: Waterproof or Waterresist - indicator waterproof clothing. If specified, it is equal to 10 000 mm, which means that if such a one square centimeter of material poured 10 liters of water per day, he does not get wet. The second indicator - Breatheable, which indicates how well the fabric excess moisture evaporates. If you specify that it is equal to 10 000 mm, it means that such a fabric per day 10 liters of liquid evaporates. The higher the score, the greater the jacket or pants will be blown by the wind. Sometimes instead of the word Breatheable write RET. The smaller the number, the better breathing clothes.

When choosing a jacket, pay attention to size. If after you put it on and raise your hand up, she rode up and you do not pull the sleeve, size appropriate. Good snowboard jackets are equipped with special "skirt" that prevents ingress of snow under it, ventilation, pocket on the sleeve and multiple interior pockets and a hood. Please note that on the floors, the hood and jacket sleeves were special width adjustment.

When choosing pants make sure that they are not too close. Moreover, inside the legs must be special inserts that prevent the snow to get inside. The back of the knees and pants should be insulated. It is desirable to have clothing also has ventilation, and adjusting the pockets.

The optimal rate for Waterproof Jacket is 5000, for pants - 8 000-10 000.

The choice of the other accessories such as a cap or strip, gloves or mittens and glasses depends on your personal preference, as long as you feel comfortable.

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