7 things absolutely need a girl

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 Need a girl thing or not - it is, of course, herself. However Pile of unnecessary items in the room, not only pollutes the space of the room, but also the mental space of the person, sometimes making it difficult to focus on the important thoughts. Here is a list of seven things that absolutely do not need most of the girls.

Alphabetical order of the CD. Everything is simple: what you need to set wheels in alphabetical order, if it is better to place them on the style or by artist.

Bills with reminders - is unnecessary and inconvenient. They constantly come unstuck. But that's not all. Sometimes small pieces of paper with the words just slip away from view due to their size. And try to understand what are these or other inscriptions, when space on a piece of paper just something missing for a couple of words.

Diary - thing is pretty useful. It is necessary to open it and your view will appear with all of your plans. On the other hand, why should carry with you everywhere huge tomes labeled "Diary", when all your plans may fit on one sheet of paper. Use daily as a scratchpad is also useless. It is better to buy a small notebook that fits easily even in a pocket.

Incense. Aromatherapy, of course, has not been canceled, but it is recommended to practice under the strict supervision of professionals in this case. Those incense, which are sold in stores are not always useful, and in some cases may harm the body, did not have any therapeutic effect.

A pile of soft toys. Many girls are many plush toys do not interfere. We just need to remember to clean this "zoo" of dust. If a toy like this, or someone a gift - it is one. But when she buys toys indiscriminately in order to sweep them to his room, it's already too much. If you do not like a toy, why should it be in his store?

Cards and notes from former fans. It is not only useless, but harmful thing. If there are no more relationships, you do not need to keep this trash. After all these mountains of letters have nothing to you mean. Therefore keep them at home makes no sense.

Keychain - thing is absolutely useless. Even the most beautiful keychain most of the time is in your pocket with keys. And when you pull out the keys, he can still for something to cling to. If the key fob to fasten on a mobile phone - it will be the top of uselessness and inconvenience. Not only that, he hangs out in conversation, and even now and then bob on the face that very annoying.

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