What made the glossy magazine

What made the glossy magazine
 Glossy industry is growing so rapidly that sometimes even journalistic brethren do not have time to keep track of journals and magazines, the emerging like mushrooms after the rain, then disappeared without a trace, unable to compete more fortunate brethren. For years, "afloat" remain the same shark glossy business - «Cosmopolitan», «Elle», «Vogue» and other giants printed thoughts.

For example, recently the American Vogue whether as a PR move, whether with a sincere desire to dot the "i", decided to reveal their secrets behind the scenes and show the public as to the blood and bones (of course, in a figurative sense of the word) of employees pen kneaded brilliant luster of the popular magazine.

Anna Wintour - Editor in Chief, in conjunction with the disclosure of their recipes for success to the output of the volume in the history of the magazine number. Then, in 2007, it was some kind of record - 840 pages of glossy magazine. On this occasion, made a documentary feature film that attracted the attention of many celebrities, fashion maestros and financial magnates. So what does a glossy magazine made?

Work, and more work, daily laborious work of many journalists, photographers, computer geeks. For half an hour watching the film it becomes clear that only a great self-organization and professionalism of each, ability to work in a team and strive for more eventually allow the man in the street to pick up a high-quality print product. Quality starts from paper to qualitatively filed accurate information.

Biographies of celebrities, recipes, interviews, news, gossip, scandals, advertising - this is not a complete list of components Themes. High self-organization, efficiency, creativity, professionalism - and not all components of any glossy magazine as a whole.

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