Terms of business dress code

Terms of business dress code
 United Kingdom, known for its love of tradition, became the founder of creating a set of rules of etiquette, embodied in the style of the top business clothes. This set of rules is called a dress code. All the major companies have their recommended dress code, which must conform to all employees. If you want to work on the high-paying jobs, then you should know how to dress.

Well, when the firm to employ you, gives you a list of things that you can show up at the office and brands that you should prefer. If this is not present, then select a business suit you have to yourself. Remember that there are several varieties of dress code, each suited to a particular case. Office, business or corporate dress code - only one of them.

So that suggests business dress code?


This is a dark business suit, but not black: with a small figure; white or picked up at the bright shirt whose sleeves "look out" from under the sleeves of his jacket 2-3 cm; tie, elegantly hitched clamp to the side of his jacket, classic shoes black and diplomat. The freer the dress code in the company, the greater the scope for selection of different color combinations. However, trying to stand out, be aware of the purpose of stay in the office: a dress code to exist, to create a working discipline in the team and in the man himself. In addition, you - the person of the company, so try to put themselves for themselves a framework for which it is not necessary to cross.

Women's clothing

The rules by which you want to pick women's clothing for the office, are truly endless. This is due to a variety of garments that can be worn to the office. If a man is a jacket, pants, shirt, sweater sometimes, women are allowed to coat, jacket, pants, skirt, blouse, dress. Dress code applies also tights and jewelry. The basic rule - the grace and elegance.

- Jacket and pants should be selected on the figure, preferably sewn to order. Color outerwear - except any neutral brown, as it oppresses.

- Blouse should be light, without a large figure, without a deep cut. Material of construction of the blouse or dress should not be transparent. Allowed to replace turtleneck blouse noble colors - burgundy, chocolate, Marengo, olive.

- Skirt. Classic pencil skirt or slightly flared. Length - up to the knee with a cut of 10 cm.

- Dress. Cutting at the waist, puffed sleeves, knee-length.

- Flesh-colored tights or black translucent. No patterns, especially mesh.

- Accessories. In jewelry welcome minimalism: 1-2 chains of precious metal, ring, bracelet. Pumps with a heel 5-10 cm without large shiny ornaments, preferably with a closed toe and heel.

In general, the appearance of a man should give the impression of grooming: neat ironed clothes, clean-shaven face, just a haircut, light fragrance. Woman among other things, must strictly follow the manicure and haircut (best to have a haircut that will quickly put your hair, if your hair is long, they are necessarily in a bun, ponytail or lump).

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