Safari style: clothing for the tropics

Safari style: clothing for the tropics
 Safari style - is, first of all, elegance and comfort in clothing. He was born in the 60s of the 20th century, taking its origins in the military outfit for the tropics. The word is borrowed from the Swahili language and means "journey". So in those years was called hunting expedition Europeans across the African continent.
 Gradually, this style has evolved from a purely practical, but simple and even a little rough clothing outfits for travelers to cut free for leisure travel, designed for sophisticated women.

As part of fashion, style, transformed and developed. In recent years, has developed the so-called option "urban safari". It is distinguished by a more fitting form, the use of printed fabrics, expanded color palette, elements of the classic costume. This is the assimilation of a business, casual clothes.

The characteristic features of this style is a commitment to natural fabrics - cotton, linen. After all, they help to sustain the heat of summer, but resistant to wear. Used in the manufacture of things and natural, not polished leather. Cut loose clothing, comfortable, providing for long-term stay in it.

The most common colors are dull muted tones, reminiscent of the military uniform - "American hacks" (light beige), "British hacks" (greenish-brown), but there are other shades.

Clothing safari characterized by a plurality of parts, for example, a variety of valves, patch pockets (with a fold in the middle, as in military uniform), decorative obstrochkoy. As mandatory accessories characterized by wide leather belts, hats with soft fields, jewelry with natural stones, leather bracelets, as if imitating hand-made.

Leather shoes lace-up sandals on a continuous sole boots Cossacks - great shoes for this style, which can be used both in the city and outside of it. Safari is a mandatory feature of some negligence - sleeves rolled up, things are slightly wrinkled, worn leather surfaces look.

Take a look at this dress. She will like you to their convenience and versatility. Safari style long adapted to life in the "urban jungle".

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