My attire for the office

My attire for the office
 Long ago ceased to be the only clothes embraces both a warming agent. Clothing was the stress status of a person, his belonging to a particular social class, and later a means of expression. Not by chance in a translation from English «dress code» means "code costume," or literally, encrypted language dresses.

Office dress code

Attitude to the business dress code at all different. Some like every day wear a business suit and not puzzle over what to wear. Others do not want to look like everyone else, and they are constantly "rebellion", complementing his suit flashy accessories. Others simply tolerate hateful office uniforms for a good position and salary. Office dress code - a classic conservative style that requires self-discipline and internal discipline. There are unspoken rules of strict business dress code, which is not declared in the companies, but also supports managers and employees.

Rules strictly business dress code

- Clothing, especially, should make a good impression on customers.
- The costume should not distract colleagues from work with bright colors and avant-garde details.
- Clothing should be of good quality, cutting - simple, without unnecessary frills and luxuries.
- The costume should be comfortable to wear, the freedom of movement and to give confidence mistress.
- Pants should not be much fitting skirt - not above the knee and without a large incision.
- Shirts and blouses must be no pastel lace, rhinestones, sequins, opaque and without plunging neckline.
- Allowed wearing dresses strictly classic cut. To the dress and skirt mandatory flesh-colored tights. Appropriate always closed shoes or pumps with low heels.
- Restrained soft makeup, selected hair, neat manicure - it all adds image of a business lady.

Many companies complied with "lax" official dress code, allowing to express their own individuality by using bright accessories, bold jewelry, original additional parts to the costume.

Getting a job, it is important from the outset to understand the style of dress adopted by the company, not to be "black sheep" among new colleagues.

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