How to make it a pleasant New Year's Eve

 In the New Year strong floor is not even worth trying to get rid of the budget gift. If hidden "Santa Claus" under the tree "little surprise" her delight, the New Year holidays turn into a week of pleasure even doma.Vybiraya gift, remember that by doing so you get yourself a moment with nothing comparable female gratitude. Therefore, the approach to solving the problem with intelligence and ingenuity. Here are some ways to please not only themselves, but also to make a gift to Her.

And the belt and buckle

Every woman wants to be weak with her man, so it can and should be kept in check! This will help you exclusive belts: hardly a girl who at the sight of leather and steel will be resisted. Bright patent leather belt with large gold buckles will look seductive in your eyes and in the eyes of your trendy friends. What else you need for a harmonious relationship?

Romantic young lady? Then it become an angel with Chrome Angel. Buckles these belts are made by hand and covered with hundreds of crystals Swarovski. They say their glare evokes the most outspoken desire even in the most modest girl. And it is necessary to achieve this effect in the New Year's Eve!

Eccentric girls on New Year's party can not do without extravagant models John Richmond Accessories, Vivienne Westwood or HTC. The King of Rock 'n' roll fashion are well aware, as you have fun without drugs, but with sex and good music.


Men's fondness for ladies' underwear in the explanation does not need, however ambiguous it may sound. And do not limit your imagination modest shapes and strong colors. La Perla bra under the admiring female hearts start to beat faster. Do not forget that this gift will give pleasure to both of you! Express your feelings and desires, giving her a shirt or a light elegant corset La Perla - the effect may be the most unexpected, but certainly welcome.

Candle flame

The most difficult to prepare a surprise one who already has everything, including you, and the one whose taste and character so original that cater to the present there is only one chance in a thousand. It is necessary to use the chance by an exclusive candle from Chrome Angel. These candles - a real rarity, because they can be found just a few concept boutiques in the world. It's no secret that every girl at home there is at least a couple of scented candles, but make no mistake: this is only yours. American designers have decorated bright spark massive different symbols inlaid with dazzling rhinestones Swarovski, so that you will make the right impression.

By the way, just think about what Chrome Angel candle will be lit with you for more than one night, filling the room with soft light and pleasant aroma, and at sunrise turn into vivid detail the conceptual interior.

Decorations for Christmas trees not only

Garland - tree, jewelry - a girl! Remember that New Year's rule and do not mix up!

Start to decorate her up and down, choose a necklace or a necklace of silver: graceful Goti, glamorous Juicy Couture, conceptual SHARON WAUCHOB, feminine Oktober and Coast Weber Ahaus or shocking Vivienne Westwood and Ugo Cacciatori. If it is good to try, the result is good news, as the average Russian tree, at least until spring.

Descend below: first okoltsuyte fingers rave decorations Mars, mysterious Ugo Cacciatori, surreal Iosselliani or expressive Vivienne Westwood - most importantly immediately take anonymous to leave no room for false hopes. Secure success Bracelet: Leather Vivienne Westwood and Mars, wood The Branch, silver Ugo Cacciatori.

Finale - once again take a little higher and presented luxurious earrings. In dazzling earrings and John Richmond Juicy Couture pet will hear you better, and indulge more often.


Reserving flower bouquets to March 8 - replace their flavor fragrant perfumes, the reserves of which women tend to run out just before the New Year.

Your girl deserves only the most rare and exclusive! L'Artisan Parfumeur, Lorenzo Viloressi, Serge Lutens, Diptyque or Pehnaliogn's - these scents are not so easy to find, but they are worth it! Niche or selective perfumes will delight not only her, but also to you. After all odors have unlimited power over the people.

Floral scents Pehnaliogn's will be with her when she takes a bath, going on a date with you, or on a journey. Will enchant you with her coquetry in the spirit of Fifi Chachnil or uniqueness, accentuated Creed or Susanne Lang. But keep in mind that making her such a gift, you risk a crush, a victim of captivating fragrances.

Magic shoes New Year's Eve

The plot of the tale of Cinderella firmly settled in women's subconscious. Therefore, if you are really her prince, then no magic shoes New Year's Eve you can not do! For those who have a child a couple of times visited ballet circle and since then blames you that you have ruined her career ballerina, fashion and thematic gift will be refined ballerina Casadei, Giuseppe Zanotti and Gianfranco Ferre. It is hoped that during the execution of her dreams she will carry out at least a couple of your own!

If she is at home at least occasionally, cute slippers Juicy Couture will fall at an opportune moment, and fashionable sandals D & G, Casadei, Stuart Weitzman and Giuseppe Zanotti will be ideal companions in a nightclub. Warm feet favorite fairy Cherevichko Moma or Patrick Cox.

If you need money poradikalnee - Float high heel. Stay henpecked sometimes nice if it happens at night, and you are under the thumb of the sexiest shoes on the planet - Casadei.

Handbag and gloves

How many women often have to move into a new life: mobile phones, cosmetics, keys, money, notebook and other unnecessary things. Therefore handbag - a great idea for a gift! If your half is not only stylish nature, but also strong, give her a bulk bag, like D & G Dolce & Gabbana and Gianfranco Ferre, if you prefer functional beauty - Select C'N'C Costume National and Bally, to the creative mind - Thomas Wylde and Luella, lovers of luxury - Bracher Emden or Bagteria.

If suddenly you do want more, pick up a pair of bag gloves cool, because it's easy to do. Universal black or dark brown gloves D & G Dolce & Gabbana, C'N'C Costume National or Marithe et Francois Girbaud of gorgeous skin perfectly suited to any style, so that will have to smash your head just over the way secretly to know the size of her hand.

And in case you suddenly thinking of the holidays in the Alps, or at least in a country house, she will appreciate your foresight, received as a gift mittens Piero Restelli, insulated with natural fur.

Little Darling Modnenky

Just as you once admired, using the stylus and blue-tooth-headset your device, it will come to the delight of young fashion nice little trinket. It should be only imperceptibly hang on her keys leather bear Borbonese, heart D & G Dolce & Gabbana or brelochnogo King of GF Ferre, sparkling glitter rhinestones to see her happy. A cartoon fumes from Toy2R hardly leave you indifferent, so it is better to buy just two - a boy himself, and she a girl. Firstly, you will agree, trinkets better than children, and secondly, now and keys will not mistake!

A Trick?

Do not despair if she demanded, has hinted that he wants to receive such a gift, because it only needs a little leather space for credit cards, coins, banknotes and driving licenses. Transcend its mundane expectations - exclusive purses D & G Dolce & Gabbana, Gianfranco Ferre and Luella, sex outside and inside the function, it probably will taste.

Models are so different and individual, that pick up something to a particular style is not a problem. And in order to achieve the highest praise, give vintage purse Ugo Cacciatori of soft textured leather, decorated with perfectly polished stones.

Making the right choice, do not forget to think about and the moment of delivery. Indeed, the effect of the gift, contrary to popular belief, does not depend on the price issue, but from the attention you paid to this issue. So at least once a year, we recommend to take responsibility and make things right. Thanks will not take long!