How to get the most out of sex and maximum pleasure

How to get the most out of sex and maximum pleasure
 Lots of fun and sex can only be obtained with a trusted partner. To create a thin relationship takes time, so the only possible quality sex between loving people.

Romantic sublime relationship - it's a good thing, but gradually comes to sex. At this stage, there are often problems, as young people are looking at each other. They are shy to do something wrong, which can cause disapproval of the partner.

To get the most out of sex and pleasure, it is necessary to depart from the accepted stereotypes. If everyone is afraid of another, there would be no fun. Better to err than to lie like a log waiting for a miracle.

First, let's talk a little bit, drink some wine and relax. Man must realize that he is not an exam passes and just resting. Preferably in an unobtrusive, playful way to find out that he preferred partner.

If your desires are the same, you should certainly take advantage of it. If you think about sex are very different, do not hurry to get upset as people get used to each other. When feelings are deep, sex each time becoming sweeter and richer.

Each new meeting with a loved one is slightly open you new facets of the unknown, to immerse you in the new mysteries of sex. Gradually, step by step, partners disclosed to each other, the barriers fall and begins a mad fantasy game. At first, the lovers are ashamed of their secret desires, but trust usually wins.

Practice shows that a truly open only with a loved one who absolutely trust. If you constantly change partners, will be something strange, more like a competition. Of course, the competition - it's good, but it's better to leave it for the sport.

For this pleasure is better not naked sex and love and tenderness. Only they lead man in the right state, helping him open.

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