Decorations for evening dress

Decorations for evening dress
 Beautiful evening dress, elegant hairstyle, elaborate makeup, fragrance favorite perfume ... I think you're ready for a hike to a party or on a date. However, to complete the ideal image you are missing jewelry. Only the right accessories can emphasize your individuality and make your outfit really stylish and fashionable.
 It has long been decorating testified richness of his mistress. The more expensive and exquisite bracelets and necklaces were, the higher was the position of women in society. Jewelry passed from generation to generation, and the great ladies of the time did not pay attention to such "trifles", as the compatibility of jewelry with the dress and match its type appearance.

Today, accessories are designed to enhance the beauty and elegance of its owner, being effective addition for the evening or everyday outfit. It is not necessary to purchase jewelry made of precious metals - inexpensive but stylish jewelry may seem no less original and impressive.

Selection of jewelry for the evening along largely depends on the merits of your appearance that you want to emphasize. Draw attention to the neck can be beautiful with long earrings and spectacular high hairstyles. Graceful fingers decorate rings and thin wrists will look great variety of bracelets.

Of course, the jewelry should match your image and perfectly combined with the selected evening gowns. If you stick to the classic style - elegant dress combined with high heels and discreet makeup - you need an equally delicate jewelry. For a low-cut dress sure to pick up a necklace that is beneficial to accentuate your neck and chest.

The classic long evening dress should be fine three-dimensional decoration, but do not forget about the sense of measures. If you are wearing elegant necklace, complete your image modest sergami- "studs." In contrast, require massive earrings elegant chain, not bright beads or necklaces.

Bright cocktail dress gives more opportunities for experimentation. Large earrings, necklaces, unusual pendants, bracelets, which can be worn on several pieces at once. You can wear several chains and twist them - get the original decoration on the neck in a futuristic style.

Do not get involved with colored ornaments precious or semi-precious stones - they are quite difficult to reconcile with such cards, especially if the color of the stones and the dress is not the same. In this case, it would be better to wear jewelry made of metal, and select either silver or gold - together they rarely look well.

To create a retro image you need vintage "old wives' jewelry. Will look stylish cameos, rings and bracelets made of blackened silver. If you do not rarities, quite suitable artificially aged jewelry.

When choosing jewelry, remember that they are designed to emphasize your individuality, so do not be afraid to implement their imagination and experiment. Knowing the fashion trends and trust his taste, you should be able to pick up a spectacular and stylish evening dress.

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