Versatile wardrobe for every day

Versatile wardrobe for every day
 If you are faced with such a situation, you have nothing to wear with a wardrobe filled with clothes, then you need to review its contents and principles by which you make a purchase.
 So you could easily create ensemble every day, you should have a basic garments and shoes that will be the foundation of your wardrobe. In addition, you need to take care of accessories, so that your image was more complete and always different.

You will look elegant classic solid color pants suit. You can choose a darker shade for the winter season and light for summer. Costume you can wear with different blouses, tops and turtleneck. In addition, the pants can be worn alone or without a jacket and waistcoat.

Purchase neck scarves and quads to diversify the image or add a bright accent.

How would you not be comfortable in pants, skirts few have in your wardrobe is necessary. Assess your figure and think about what style you will go higher. Versatile option that is sure to suit you - a straight skirt slightly above or slightly below the knees. This classic piece of clothing can be combined with a variety of blouses and shirts. For skirts for fall and winter, choose wool fabrics, and for the spring-summer period stop on linen and cotton materials.

Include the required minimum dress clothes. Option that will fit almost any occasion - dress-case average length. Complement his jewelry, scarf or jacket - and the image is ready.

Do not forget about the comfortable and practical clothes - jeans. Choose a model that perfectly suits you. Jeans can be combined with almost any horse, so they needed.

Purchase blouses and shirts. Let one of them is white classic. Also, do not forget about the one-color blouse that fits your color and a shirt with short sleeves.

In addition, your wardrobe should be present and turtleneck tops that can be worn with trousers, jeans and skirts. For divers better choose monochrome color.

In the cold season, and cool summer evenings you can not do without a cardigan or sweater. The main indication for which you want to select this item of clothing - its quality. Then you will be in it is really warm.

Fall and spring you may need a raincoat. Depending on your age and figure model, select a shorter, medium or maximum length.

For extreme cold buy a coat or fur coat. Choose such models that can be worn with trousers, and skirts.

As for shoes, it does not have to be much. Buy classic pumps in black, brown or gray, light sandals, boots, medium length on a low heel. In addition, you may need sports shoes for outdoor activities.

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