Tsvetopredstavlenie: the most fashionable colors of spring

Tsvetopredstavlenie: the most fashionable colors of spring
 Spring bloom not only plants, but also outfits the girls. They are pleasing to the eye delicate shades and colorful prints. Designers offer in the spring season floral pattern with alternating black and white graphics. Black combined with gold - at the peak of popularity. Extremely relevant paisley pattern on a gentle background. Do not forget the classic pastel shades, they are inevitable in light fabrics spring and summer dresses.
 Spring collections are famous mainly pastel shades. After all this time of year is associated with tenderness and soft undertones. Silk dress and peach salad colors, suits and sundresses beige and sandy tones, as well as skirts and tops shade of cherry blossoms. All these outfits spring relevant and in demand. On pastel background prints can be present light-strokes in the form of feathers, flower petals or abstract details. In these dresses girls are like the heroines Impressionist paintings.

Look great spring dresses made of translucent white fabric c floral pattern. Flowers can be arranged individually, bouquets or woven into intricate arabesques.

Shades of blue spring sky relevant as ever. Blue, blue, ultramarine - outfits from the tissues of the colors become popular when warm days are coming. Special chic - to dress up in a battered denim sky-blue color and decorate the hands and neck with silver.

On the scene tone safari. Dresses and skirts cargo khaki and sand colors combine perfectly with the Italian straw hats. By beige linen sundress surprisingly fit bags color compressed wheat. Add an image to help espadrilles, finished jute fibers. Good tone - to put together with such toilets jewelry yellow gold.

Despite the fact that the right ball pastel shades, bright colors do not hand over their positions. Great idea - put on a hot sunny day sundress or cotton overalls bright shades. Best of all, if it's a mix. The Red Sarafan, emerald bag, lemon-yellow bandana and bright plastic sandals.

Role of "color for an evening rout" will perform a deep rich blue. This shade will give the possessor dress mystery and make it irresistible. In combination with silver and white gold is a dress or suit will remind sea, moonlit.

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