Little black dress: Current classic

Little black dress: Current classic
 In the wardrobe of every true woman should present little black dress - synonymous with impeccable taste, sophisticated style. It emphasizes the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws, appropriate to look at any age and at any time.
 Created this iconic dress Gabrielle Chanel in 1926, when wore mourning for the beloved. Hence its black color. Great trendsetter choose the optimal length dresses - to the middle of the knee. Thus opened his feet, but his knees were closed that Chanel is considered the most ugly part of them.

Comfortable and elegant model immediately won the hearts of women. Black color and simple style of dress made him invisible, magical way highlighting the beauty of the figure dressed his lady, her personality. Appreciated and democracy in a little black dress: it was available to all, regardless of the size of the purse.

To the black little dress must be carefully selected accessories to obtain a complete image, harmonious. Shoes classic fit him, for example, black stiletto pumps. String of pearls, diamond brooch - the perfect decoration for this dress. Immaculately will look on a black background and white subjects: strap, lightweight scarf or shawl, a small handbag.

If you want to look brighter, relaxed, pay attention to the red shoes and flashy jewelry. And create enigmatic, mysterious, intriguing way to help hat with a veil and gloves to the elbow length. But black little dress requires you a sense of proportion in the selection of parts, there is easy to overdo it - will disappear and zest, declare itself dissonance.

To this model emphasized the dignity of the figure, it is necessary to take into account its features. Excessive fullness hide a black dress with a high waist, flared (Empire style). A semiadherent dress length to mid-calf will make a full figure is not high slimmer (high heel shoes visually lengthen the legs).

Who developed various models of the little black dress. Every woman can find a ready outfit to their liking, or to experiment in creating your own image, in any case, this is a magical dress you down.

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