How to determine the size of the jeans

How to determine the size of the jeans
 It is unlikely that today there is a person who does not have in her closet at least a pair of jeans. Wear them all, because it is very stylish and practical thing. Perhaps, there is no difficulty to go to any retail outlet, and try on all your favorite jeans models. However, much faster and cheaper process of shopping branded jeans will happen if we use one of the many online boutiques.
 If you decide to choose jeans for the virtual directory, it is important not to be mistaken with the size. Otherwise you will have to pay the first order and delivered, if it does not fit, return it to engage. This procedure takes a lot of time.

Size the jeans several ways. If you have a wardrobe there relatively old jeans that sit perfectly on you, they can be used for the measurement. By the way, for better accuracy use the recently washed, but not the ones that you wear for a long time without removing. Lay the pants on the floor, fasten the belt with a zipper and a button. Inch waist, measure exactly the line where the button. The resulting figure, multiply by two, and your measurement will be transferred to inch (1 cm is 2, 54 inches). On denim products for waist size indicated by the letter W.

It is equally important to correctly determine the required length and jeans. It is usually denoted by the letter L (for example, may be present on the label designation W27L30). Measure the length from the crotch jeans all the way down and also turn the centimeters to inches.

All reputable online stores selling clothing, before placing your order offer available to customers with a table of clothing sizes in centimeters, which decode all possible markings present on the labels of jeans. By the way, these tablets can often find other measurements - hips, buttocks, legs (in the knee), lifting the front of his pants, the length of the seam on the back, as well as detailed instructions on how to define them. All of them are designed to help you in choosing the final size jeans, because each person has individual features of the figure.

If you do not have at hand an inch, you can use the advice of consultants - subtract from his Russian-sized figure of 16. So, if you usually wear a size 44, then 28 size jeans (which corresponds to the size W) you is fine.

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