How to combine the vest

How to combine the vest
 Vests are among the fashion trends for several seasons. The best part is that they can be completely different: knit, denim, satin, cotton, lace, and this variety of models and textures allows you to successfully combine the vest with many items to your wardrobe, maybe even long forgotten. Tasteful vest enliven any ensemble and make your look really relevant and fashionable. How do you properly combine vests?

Of course, for the most part, all this depends on the pattern of the garment. For example, the classic black or gray vest, ideal for the office image. It is great to be combined with a white shirt, turtleneck. If you love bright colors - well, a neutral color vest will look great with colored blouse, but it will be more free and feminine image.

As for the skirt, the harmonious look vest and pencil skirt or tulip skirt. Classic Straight pants also quite appropriate.

Denim or cotton vests of different colors perfectly complement the clothes in the style of casual. They can be combined with T-shirts, plaid shirts, short skirts, shorts or jeans. The image turned trendy, even if you wear short boots and summer. You can also try to try cotton vest directly to the skin when outside weather is hot.

Combining with the glamorous jersey vest with sequins, shorts and shoes with heels, you can create the actual outfit for a summer party. Perhaps this combination also with white jeans, complement the ensemble can be a colorful scarf or bright decorations.

Crocheted or knitted vests can be combined with a thin sweater, shirt, stylish knitted dress. In this case, the length of the vest can be different: for example, vest covering the hips will look good with a skirt or dress maxi.

Special chic - fur vests of different cut and color. They are suitable for almost anything: jeans, pants, skirts of different lengths and even delicate chiffon dress. Trend of the season - fur vest, worn over a thin leather jacket. Shoes in this context can be almost any, from jackboots to coarse shoes on a high lace. However, it should be remembered that the vest will be the focus in your outfit, so do not wear fur boots, gloves or take with fluffy bag.

Vests and can be combined with sportswear. Of course, it must be appropriate models - hollow warm vest or thin fabric of vetrovochnoy. They are very practical and can not only beautify you, but also warm.

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