How to choose clothing size

How to choose clothing size
 Hike to shop for new clothes or order new things over the Internet - it's a pleasant and exciting task. Lest frustrating because mismatch in size, to prepare for such a crucial moment: you need to take your measurements from your body.
 Manufacturers of various countries are adopted in their state standards. Indigenous people are accustomed to the existing system, and foreign nationals, it is desirable to verify compliance with the size of the special table. Such control actions are not redundant in any case, particularly if there is no opportunity to try the garment before purchase. Indeed, specialists and experienced sellers know that not only imported goods, and domestic and manufactured by different manufacturers may have some differences, not only in themselves the size designation and in digital terms.

You should not lose sight of such a nuance, as the material of the sewn product. Some fabrics in the wash (even sparing) shrink or stretch out on one or two sizes, it is necessary to consider when caring for clothes. For people of low or, conversely, very high growth need to make it a rule to study the label to determine growth. If you do not pay attention to when purchasing this index, high risk people buy perfectly sitting on a figure costume, but with short sleeves and trousers.

Correctly identify growth is possible and at home. To do this, remove your shoes and stand against the wall, pressing her heels, hips, shoulders and head, to look ahead. For the most accurate measurements should ask for help from loved ones that will make a mark on the horizontal surface at the highest point of the head. The length of this mark to the floor - this is the height of a man, you need to burn this figure.

Then you need to take your measurements, as does dressmaker. First measured the girth of the neck, the highest point of the chest, waist and hips. It is necessary to measure the length of the sleeve, the product in the store can be crosslinked to the ideal standard, but the figure of a man may be far from strict proportions. Sometimes, people of small stature have long arms, often the top and bottom of the female figure - these are two different sizes. It is necessary to precisely and correctly record all shot sizes, here you can write the optimal length skirt or dress that fits to the figure, it will be easier to find the right thing.

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