How to choose a bag for clothes

How to choose a bag for clothes
 Bag - an indispensable accessory in any modern woman. Principally bags differ in color, style and size. The variety of options in the choice somewhat difficult. It is important to combine this part of your overall image with clothes and other accessories.
 If in the old days it was imperative that the bag should fit to the shoe, now a strict rule is overdue. The bag may be adjusted not only to the shoe but also to various clothes items.

Remember, if you prefer bright colors, it is not recommended to use at the same time more than three items of the same color. That is, you should not, for example, wear a scarf, bag, jacket and shoes the same color scheme. Try to keep the clothes was not more than two or three pieces of the same color.

If you like colorful and bright clothes, then it would be the best single-colored bag. Summer version is bag made of cloth, winter and fall - of leather or artificial leather quality.

For unusual and bright shoes is not necessarily choose the same screaming bag. Firstly, it will be very difficult to find a suitable bag, and secondly, all your views as a whole may be lost in the background of two very bright elements. Buy a scarf or belt relaxing colors and pick up a bag to match these elements wardrobe.

By jeans and a sweater suit bags, backpacks, which are extremely practical. But note that this style you can wear only if shod in sneakers or loafers. If you plan to put on shoes or boots shoes, better to take an ordinary bag matching scarf or shoes.

Ladies, adhere to the business style of clothing does not necessarily go with the strict bags black or white. If you wear, for example, black trouser suit, jacket, wear a red blouse and a bag to pick up the tone to it.

For evening to pick up the bag is simple enough. Here there is only one rule - do not get involved in a variety of crystals and sequins. The handbag should be small, neutral shades. It is better to give preference to black, white or beige.

If you set out to pick up a bag for every day, which would be suitable for any clothes and shoes, then you should not choose bright colors and unusual style. Buy soundly leather bag in black, brown or beige. The size should be medium to put all the necessary things, but at the same time, the bag does not look like shopping, especially against the background of office clothes. Although, of course, the role of evening bags, she will not be able to perform.

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