Dress and heels on the floor: Risk to life!

Dress and heels on the floor: Risk to life!
 Long skirts and dresses have always been popular as an evening or wedding dresses. Fashion designers from time to time offer products to wear "on the floor" and in everyday life. But in combination with high heels, this dress can be traumatic.  
 The bride train of her gorgeous wedding dress are elegant cousin to avoid falling at the ceremony inappropriate. But with the everyday urban or long skirts beach you have to handle herself. The main danger - come to its own hem.

Particularly unpleasant if you wear shoes or high heels on a high platform. In this case, you risk serious damage to the feet. There are cases when the girl broke an ankle sprain or received, entangled in a long skirt.

Often this happens with the models on the catwalks. But these women - professionals! The models can even lose your job, because some model agencies are "ailing" girls in black list. If we are experts often can not go to the offered product designers, the ordinary women, looking at these fashion shows, and did refuse to buy.

Not everyone can laugh at his fall, as it did Naomi Kempbel early in his career, sverzivshis with towering platforms on the fashion show by Vivienne Westwood. Usually having fun all around, not clumsy "victim" of fashion.

To avoid injury and offensive fiasco, be careful when climbing the stairs. Hem long dress must be lifted in order to see the stairs. When you sit down, make sure that your pins are not standing on the skirt. Indeed, in this case, trying to get up, you will fail, as knocked down.

Fishnet dress "on the floor" is particularly insidious - studs perfectly into holes tissue and you risk a few steps left without a skirt. After enough practice girl quite deftly managed with over-length dress and heels. Skirts are an elegant way and stick to lift without risk to catch the hem pin.

If you're not confident in your grace, it is better to play it safe and choose a less hazardous clothes or shoes.

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