Choosing the right winter shoes

Choosing the right winter shoes
 Choosing a beautiful and fashionable winter shoes, do not forget to put her full and thorough examination of fitting. After all, no beauty will delight you, if the feet will freeze and become unglued soles.

By purchasing shoes for everyday wear, better give up the studs and high heels in the winter on slippery sidewalks easier to keep balance in the shoes with low heels, or even without it. The sole should be minimum thickness of 1 cm and grooved. Check its flexibility - it should be easy to bend to a right angle. If planted in the sole glue, make sure that nowhere in streaks. We stitched shoe thread along the entire length must be tightly tied in a flat seam.

Note insole in winter shoes it must necessarily be the entire length of the fur. If the bow of his boot leather insole, then you will freeze your fingers.

Cold winters are best suited boots or shoes made of genuine leather with natural fur inside. Unlike synthetic leather, leather from severe frosts will not crack, retains heat better and the service life of her longer. Distinguish imitation of genuine leather can be quite easily - skin feels warmer.

Fur retains heat better than artificial or synthetic. To distinguish fur, enough to put pressure on him. Thick, dense, high-quality fur immediately after you straighten. You can also push it with your fingers and see what it is not: the artificial is on fabric, natural - on the skin.

Be sure to check how easy it works "lightning." It should not snack fur lining, and the inside of the lining must be closed.

Trying on shoes, listen to your feelings. Thus, the acquisition is not the size, it can cause a lot of trouble: calluses, corns, curvature of the fingers, and even sprains. Trying on shoes while standing, a bit like it, feel how is it to you comfortable. Since winter feet are also prone to edema, as well as in the summer, and sometimes socks do not prevent, better to choose shoes half a size-size larger. The legs do not swell and hurt, pay attention to the fact that the fingers have to move.

Deciding to buy winter shoes made of suede, do not forget that it is very capricious. Her nap jams and becomes attractive even plain water, to say nothing about the reagents, which are generously sprinkled streets in winter.

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