Wrapped in furs - so in winter

Wrapped in furs - so in winter
 With winter trifled with. This beautiful snowy prepares a real test for the fair sex. To withstand frost, you must bundle up warmly in a luxurious fur coat. In this dress can not only warm, but also to become a star of the season. After winter fur are the most popular and relevant.
 Generally, designers offer a look at the fur in new ways. It is not necessary to treat it seriously. The fur can be worn with short dresses and leggings frivolous. Possible combination coats with chiffon dresses and jeans of all shades.

Which only fur coat and no designer come up to meet the winter. The undoubted favorite was the fox fur. But these species it was not long ago. Himself fur gets unexpected colors from pale purple to fluorescent lemon. Designers offer stand up to winter coats in psychedelic colors. If he fur classic hue, it is quite possible to put on overalls with bright crimson tunic or salad.

Feel free to combine should not only color, but also the texture and fabric. Sable fur looks great company with a leather skirt and jacket. Smooth mink coat wonderfully combined with knitted dress from buklirovannoy yarn. Particularly chic outfit considered their fluffy fox fur coat draped over an open laconic dress. Suitable for the most daring decision to wear astrakhan jacket and cap-cake with a translucent chiffon dress, decorated with live orchids.

An alternative to fur coats and coats can be a coat with a fur collar overhead. Cloth coat pastel shade can be brightly colored fur and neon colors, contrast, combined with natural fur color.

Smoky gray silver fox - is an essential classic. If you want to make a lasting impression, the jacket or coat of fur such - the best solution. With such a luxurious dress best blend of pearls and emeralds.

The beautiful half of humanity, whose "Green Vision" is not allowed to wear fur, has not gone unnoticed designers coats. Fur toilets for them if sewn fur plush toys, which they changed for the winter. They are not only soft and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly.

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