Women's coats: the best model for rainy autumn

Women's coats: the best model for rainy autumn
 Autumn can not do without the cloak of fashionable and practical. Properly chosen model will serve you more than one season. Try raincoats, decorated in classic soothing colors, or things bright warm colors - and they both are perfectly in harmony with the autumn landscape.
 For several seasons, the most popular model is considered a classic trench coat. Such cloaks sewn from thick smooth or embossed fabric - gabardine, corduroy, cotton, mixed polyester. Trench coat decorated otletnaya flirt, straps, pockets with flaps, cuffs on the sleeves and a belt with a buckle. This style is suitable for women of different complexion - a full, thin, small or high. However, the happy owner of a lush breasts from it should be abandoned.

Relevant and models in the romantic style - cutting at the waist, with narrowed sleeves and wide skirt, embedded in small folds. This cloak may not have a collar and elegant look with a long soft scarf or classic silk square, draped in the cutout.

For cooler days come in handy cloak warm flannel or wool lining. Some models lining detachable. Such a thing can be worn as a light autumn coat or duster. Practical to choose a model with a hood, which will replace the headpiece.
Full of girls is better not to buy double-breasted coats - they will add shape and reduce unnecessary volume growth. The same effect is given large buttons and eye-catching details like curved pockets. Try single-breasted coat with a smooth supatnoy clasp - it slimmer and looks very elegant.

If you prefer pants, choose coats above the knee length, straight cut or slightly flared. For girls, whose wardrobe is dominated by dresses and skirts, longer fit the model A-shaped silhouette. It is desirable that the edge of the skirt was a couple of inches shorter than the coat.

Select the appropriate color in autumn dress. Suitable for everyday wear a raincoat in a restrained palette - gray, brown, beige, khaki. Blonde model leave until spring. But the bright red, golden beige, dark orange and emerald green cloaks harmoniously fit into the urban landscape of autumn. They can become the brightest piece wardrobe - complete with dark shoes and accessories get a stylish and relevant way.

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