Western-style boots

 After the long winter evenings to us welcome to visit spring. She touched not only our way of life, but also a fashion that constantly surprises us with its diversity and colors. Of particular importance attached to women's shoes. It not only protects us from the cold, rain and frost, but also performs other functions.

In the XIV century Europe is catching shoes with high tops deaf. In Russia, this style has spread under Peter the Great. First military boots steel shoes, and then won the hearts of fashionistas. At the beginning of the XXI century, every woman, regardless of age wants to look elegant and boots play an important role in her life.

Style boots WESTERN again fashionable this spring.

High-quality cowboy boots made of genuine leather. White and black composition gives a special style boots. Will look good with skinny jeans tucked into boots.

Super elegant boots in the style of American cowboys. Made of high quality soft leather. Stable heel makes them comfortable to wear. Embroidery gives the boots nobility.

Black and white boots made of genuine leather will appeal to women of fashion. And not necessarily be committed rider. The main thing to feel the spirit of another era. Skinny jeans, blazer, boots in the style of Western - what do you need a modern girl this spring?

Model boots confident girl or young woman. They will not look bad with a skirt or jeans. They can be worn with pants 3/4. Heel 5 cm will give your legs slim.

Author: Sofia Kazhdan

Tags: style boot