Stun everyone: dress in peas at the peak of popularity

Stun everyone: dress in peas at the peak of popularity
 Figure "peas" is associated with all of childhood and adolescence. That's why dresses and sundresses with such a nice pattern unpretentious girls look younger than their years. Especially if it is a designer outfit one of the most famous fashion houses.
 Dress in peas can be worn not only for country walks and the beach. Toilets with this pattern are quite suitable for a romantic date or even for a business meeting. The whole point is combination of colors, shapes and well-chosen accessories.

The popularity of the figure "peas" is growing day by day. "Spheres of influence" of cheerful prints are constantly expanding. It can be seen on the silk jumpsuits, elegant lingerie and evening gowns. Small peas is quite suitable for blouses and dresses, designed for business rout. Complementing this outfit monotonous double-breasted jacket, get smart and stylish.

Going to "stun" all the trendy and unexpected toilet, you can wear a concise open dress in a large pea on a secular party. In conjunction with a major jewelry it will look fresh and catchy. Of course, do not forget about makeup. Make up in such a case will approach the minimum, almost youthful. Let the person breathes freshness and youth.

Nontrivial and sexy look toilets organza, in the field which are scattered like peas. With such a fashionable outfit to wear satin underwear in a single color or peas. Stockings in small peas also perfect for such dresses.

Even wedding fashion "pecked" on peas. Bridal dress with a deep neckline in a large pea, though not bright, and only differ by the tone of the main colors, perfectly combined with wide-brimmed hat and scarf. Small peas, woven fabric for wedding dress style will emphasize originality.

"Pea" painting is characteristic not only clothes but also accessories. Belt peas, hats crown wrapped in cloth and fine point even with gloves pattern, gaining more and more fans. Especially popular are the clutches with a print "peas". It's cute and very elegant, despite the seeming simplicity of the design.

Going on a trip, do not forget about the popularity of swimsuits with a pattern. Close peas on a bikini and small - on a pair, here's a wonderful ensemble and ready for the beach. Do not be afraid to overdo it with peas, this pattern is not as intrusive as, say, flowers or fruit. The main thing is to choose different sizes pattern and texture of fabric.

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